The participation composition is based on the illustration below. There are two groups ‘A’ and ‘B’ consisting of four teams each. Every team comprises of six players (a break of five male fighters and one female fighter) and six back-ups. These six players belong to six different weight categories. The four teams compete to play twelve League Level Matches. (All the matches are played between the respective teams of the allotted groups only, i.e., Group A teams do not compete against teams of Group B. Two Semi Final Matches are played and a match for the third and fourth place).

Weight Categories:

The SBL observes the following six weight categories


Feather weight
(121 lbs)
Welter weight
(145 lbs)
Middle weight
(158 lbs)
Light heavy weight
(169 lbs)
Heavy weight
(209 lbs)


Women's Flyweight
(112 lbs)

Super Boxing League

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