Boxing like other Combat Sports is an individual (Boxer) based sport. However, Boxing in a team format is going to be introduced in the Super Boxing League where there will be Six Boxers in a team and the way a Boxer wins the bout gets his team a score under Point Scoring System and at the end of the event, Team with maximum score wins. This concept is going to grow the fan following of the Boxing Team instead of an Individual and as a result will help in capturing the market.

Following are the criteria (Point Scoring System - Boxing) where a contestant can win/draw a match and accordingly Team gets scored.

Draw = +1

Unanimous Draw

When all the judges score the contest a draw

Majority Draw

When maximum judges score the contest a draw

Split Draw

When all the judges score differently

Referee Decision = +3

When Referee gets the last word and scores the contestant(s)

Unanimous Decision

When all the judges score win for a contestant.

Split Decision

When maximum judges score a contestant and other judges scores the other contestant

Technical Knock Out = +4

When Referee stops the contest and when an injury as a result of a legal maneuver is severe enough to terminate a bout

Knock Out = +6

When contestant being rendered unconscious due strikes also known as a 'lights out knockout'.

Team with maximum points after all bouts wins the Game.
Game with equal score by both team at the end of all bouts will be considered as tie.

Super Boxing League

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