Super Boxing League

Who We are


Boxing is globally the biggest commercialized and most popular full-contact combat sport in the world. It has been recognized as a sport in the Olympics, commonwealth and Asian games for more than two decades. A boxer has been the highest paid athlete globally for 3 consecutive years. In India, the Pro Boxing avenues initially opened up through Vijender Singh and glorious victory of Mary Kom in the Olympics.


2017 saw the Launch of the worlds first and only Boxing League based on a unique points based system. Founded in 2017 by Bill Dosanjh, the only promoter to create two leagues within a 12 month span. Super Boxing League (SBL) is one of the largest platform for Pro Boxers. SBL is the first and only franchise format boxing league. Proof of concept for an exciting team format, with a unique point scoring system, which maximizes fan engagement and participation. Emphasis on localized value proposition by building on team rivalries and sourcing fighters with local appeal. Celebrities with significant fan following and local affinity take ownership in the franchisee teams. Promoting gender equality as the first Boxing entity to provide the same platform for male and female boxing talents.

Super Boxing League with its tagline ‘Hit Harder’ is also promoted by none other than Olympic medalist and two-time world champion boxer, Amir Khan, who chairs the brand and is also the face of SBL globally.


The World Boxing Council (WBC) is one of four major organizations which sanction world championship boxing bouts. Owing to the many historically high-profile bouts sanctioned by the organization, and legendary fighters who have been recognized as WBC World champions, the organization remains one of the major sanctioning bodies. The WBC has 161 member countries as the members of the organization. The world champions for WBC have been the greats like – Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Sergio Martinez. The WBC is associated with SBL and is the support arm in organizing SBL globally.


In 2017, SBL was launched in India with the league format and staged 15 events which were televised live on Sony ESPN. In 2019, SBL Launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA (Jeddah) in Fight Night format and in 2021 it was launched in UAE (Dubai) again in Fight Night Format. SBL KSA and Dubai were staged globally on Fox Sports, ESPN, KSA Sports, QQ – Qie TV Tencent, PTV Sports, Channel 5, Super Sports, MBC Action, Sky Sports and Fite TV (Triller) with broadcasting outreach to over 900 million homes in over 50 countries.

Based on the success of India, KSA and UAE respectively, SBL is in the process of replicating their model globally in League and Singular Fight Night format both in further 30+ countries.

SBL are utilising a franchise-based model whereby franchisees benefit by running a new concept of franchise affiliated boxing specialised gyms and their ability to sub-franchise boxing specialised gyms in addition to other annual income streams. In KSA SBL has partnered with Fitness Time for the same.

  1. SBL Road to the Ring – Nationwide search for upcoming Boxing talent, hosted by SBL.
  2. SBL Fight Nights – Singular standalone fight nights having a mix of music and Boxing.
  3. SBL Gyms – SBL Franchise gym; creating a revenue stream for the brand and partners
  4. SBL Challengers – Reality TV show; building affinity with fans and promoting brand loyalty.
  5. SBL CAC – Pre, In and Post League/Fight Night content showcasing boxing, lifestyle and glamour.